Green Brothers Collection Crab Petite Diamond Fashion Pendant


Green Brothers Collection Crab Petite Diamond Fashion Pendant


The crab symbolizes wisdom, defense, resilience, persistence, change, adaptability and growth. This beautifully carved and decorated Petite crab diamond fashion pendant not only provides symbolic relevance, but also offers aesthetic beauty. It features a finely carved crab figure, with well-defined legs and claws, and a diamond adorned shell section. There are 12 pave hand set round cut diamonds embellishing the crustacean shell. A loop on the top right claw suspends the pendant at a sideways angle, from the included CAT23 chain. Both Petite fashion pendant and chain are sculpted in a rhodium finish 10 karat yellow gold. Total diamond weight is 1/10 ctw.


Product Details


1/10 ctw Petite Crab Round Cut Diamond Fashion Pendant With Chain in 10K Yellow Gold

Name Crab Petite Diamond Fashion Pendant
Stock Number 643R9GBTSPDYG
Style Number 30733
Department Fashion
Type Necklace
Material 10K Yellow Gold
Total Carat Weight 0.08

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