Christine Cortinas

Christine Cortinas
Sales Associate / Inventory Manager
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"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy jewelry and that's kinda the same."

~ Christine Cortinas ~

Green Bros. is so happy to have Christine working here! She's has been here for six years, and was recently promoted to our Inventory Manager. She loves her customers! In fact, her favorite part about working at Green Bros. (besides the jewelry, ofc!) is helping her customers pick out the perfect jewelry for every occasion.

Outside of work, you would find Christine enjoying a good movie with family, taking care of her mom, and (her favorite one) spending the weekend with her grandkiddos.

Christine is a joy to work with and always gives a good laugh. 

Fun Fact: Christine's favorite jewelry pieces are pearls and diamonds. You can definitely add impeccable jewelry taste to Christine's list of talents!


Inventory Specialist